Ok, let’s talk about the weather here on the Sunshine Coast and in Noosa.  Weather and weddings are a big topic and certainly a discussion every couple has when they plan their big day. This year has been a bit hit and miss with the weather in South East Queensland, but it’s not always like this.  Over the past 3 decades the stats speak for themselves when it comes to the driest months of the year and the wettest months of the year. This is worth checking out, so you can make an educated guess for the best months of the year to wed.

Personally, I love a winter wedding as we still have temperatures in the early 20’s and very little humidity which makes it perfect for a suited up Groom and his party. The air is crisper and clear making it idyllic for photos anytime time of the day. Sharing a fire with your guests during your reception can also be a treat, and having toasted marshmallows at your wedding is certainly a favour people love.

Having a wedding in summer time also has it’s advantages. The days are longer, the warm summer nights are balmy and refreshing and cocktail dresses can stay strappy and relaxed. Cocktails can flow, mist from the ocean is cooling, and summer breezes are welcomed. Everyone seems more relaxed in summer creating a fun high energy vibe.

Autumn and Spring weddings are still the popular seasons for that mid temperature range that’s delightful at any location such as the hills in Maleny and Montville, or on the beach in Noosa or Mooloolaba.

Check out the link below to the BOM climate statistics and the typical weather pattern for the month with average temperatures and rainfall. The statistical data has been captured from 1994 to date. With this data, you should hopefully be able to work out what month of the year will suit you best for your outdoor or indoor wedding ceremony on the Sunshine Coast.

Don’t be too deterred from having a Noosa Wedding in the wet season, as we still have sunshine during that time too.  Noosa is beautiful all year round, even when it’s raining, but in saying this, no one wants to be caught out with wet weather blues on their wedding day.  Having a ‘PLAN B’ wet weather venue is still recommended for all outdoor weddings, regardless of the month of year or the driest day of the year.  Mother Nature works in mysterious ways.   I hope the data will help you to make some decisions about your wedding date and feel reassured that we have you covered.

Please check out the wet weather recommendations on the ‘locations’ page via my other website


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