1. Choose a budget
  2. Select a destination.
  3. Contact a Celebrant and check your legal obligations and wait times + witness requirements
  4. Choose a date and be flexible to ensure you get the professional team and package you want
  5. Contact wedding suppliers and find the perfect package to suit your needs and availability for the time of year you wish to elope
  6. Make travel arrangements
  7. Book your accommodation
  8. Plan your ceremony with your Celebrant
  9. Write your vows
  10. What to wear. Settle on the look your going for and make sure it suits the location and environment you have chosen.
  11. Hair and Makeup – is this apart of your package or are you arranging this yourself?
  12. Flowers – are they included in your package or have you opted for no flowers?
  13. Simple or Fancy (or both like ‘Fancy and Free’)
  14. Guest List (if any?)
  15. Plan the Party or your private celebration after the ceremony ie. picnic, long lunch, dinner, or a romantic night in.
  16. Announce your elopement wedding day if your inviting guests, otherwise you can surprise everyone after the event with your amazing wedding album or film.

Author: Natalie Skye
Year: 2021

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