You’ve seen it at the Grand Prix and in the movies. And I bet you’ve always wanted to try your own champagne spray. Well, now you can, and what better time than on your wedding day.   

First step is to buy a cheap bottle of champagne – no one is planning to drink this bad boy. Have a second bottle as backup just in case you need another shot at the spray.

The second step is to get into the right position and make sure your photographer is ready to capture the epic spray shot.

The third step is to uncork the bottle before shaking it, then immediately put your thumb over it to hold in the bubbles!

The fourth step is to shake the bottle for 5 seconds or so, until the spray starts to happen, whilst your thumb is still on the bottle but letting a little out (so cover only 70%), which ends up going everywhere. And I mean everywhere.

After personal experience of this, I highly recommend keeping a towel or some wipes handy to remove the spray from your face, chest, arms etc as it leaves a sticky residue.

I had so much fun doing this shot, that I giggled the whole time, and not only sprayed myself with an entire bottle of champagne, but I nailed my lovely photographer Bec too, who was completely covered head to toe including her camera.  Naturally, we both had huge belly laughs.

Author: Natalie Skye
Year: 2021

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